Dave Moore, my wife/kids and a family friend of our gathered at the Harryport for some Autumn ultralight powered paraglider (PPG) flying fun. The wife/kids drove "Elmo" (go-kart) while Dave and I flew over to Kuper's Farm (Elburn, IL) to see their annual Corn Maze from above. See if you can tell what the image is (sorry for the poor quality photos; they are from my camera phone -- I left my digital camera back at the airfield)...

phone_camera_gary_closeup_small.jpg phone_camera_gary_feet_autumn_colors_small.jpg phone_camera_kuipers_farm_small.jpg phone_camera_kuipers_farm_closeup_small.jpg
phone_camera_kuipers_farm_corn_maze_1_small.jpg phone_camera_kuipers_farm_corn_maze_2_small.jpg

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